Welcome! My name is Christos Chatzistylianos and I would like to thank you for joining my creative world.
About us

As too many visionaries had their initiators, so I started my first steps with people who inspired me and inspired me on the piece of music, video and later on the photo. Surely my family was a key factor in the early stages of my creativity, but I think the saying “with anyone you sit down, such letters you will learn” did not come out accidentally. There were a number of teachers (not to be named) who taught me how to see and listen to the world so I can be creative.

My studies in musicology, video, and sound have helped me to extricate my creativity and to be able to offer a sentiment of emotion to me that I experience, but also to the people who come to me both in the creative part as much as and to the simple audiovisual contact.

My first business walks started from my birthday in Larissa. There I took the opening baptism first on the music, with various jazz and then filming in various groups. But the spark of a young man can not remain locked for long. My career continued in Athens now and certainly with much more expectations.

In the first year as a technical department manager at one of Greece’s largest event companies and later in one of the largest cinematographic companies as an audiovisual workshop. At the same time, my experience as a freelancer on the part of marriage and baptism, as well as on various kinds of events, highlight the radical experience that exists to respond with creativity and creativity to all needs.

Our experience in recent years with a presence in more than 30 countries worldwide, along with the ongoing education we provide to ourselves, make us competitive and creative.

With a big thank you,
Chatzistylianos Christos

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