My name is Christos Chatzistylianos and I would like to thank you for joining my creative world.

As too many visionaries had their initiators, so I started my first steps with people who inspired me and inspired me on the piece of music, video and later on the photo. Surely my family was a key factor in the early stages of my creativity, but I think the saying “with anyone you sit down, such letters you will learn” did not come out accidentally. There were a number of teachers (not to be named) who taught me how to see and listen to the world so I can be creative.

My studies in musicology, video, and sound have helped me to extricate my creativity and to be able to offer a sentiment of emotion to me that I experience, but also to the people who come to me both in the creative part as much as and to the simple audiovisual contact.

Christos Chatzistylianos


Looking at a photograph, usually the first thing that occupies us is emotions. Regardless of joy or sadness, the experience we experienced at the moment is a memory that remains analytical in time. There are times when I sit on a bench and just notice people. I see couples of different ages grasping hand in hand, just being asleep, teasing each other or just dreaming.

The truth is that many times I am happy because through this you see that love, passion and longing for your man still exist. Many times when I sit and take photos or just get on the computer, I notice everything I’ve passed with people and couples who chose us for the best day of their lives.
Indeed, the experiences and feelings we make are great.

Memory Links

Marriage is one of the most sacred mysteries of humanity. Love and the beginning of a new family is a fantastic but also a sacred image in itself.

“Good mood”
“Living people”
“Beautiful environment”
“Disposition for creation”

It is one of the few materials we need to get the recipe of the image perfectly balanced.

Live every moment with your man, focus on love and put into the circle of your life the best scenes from your memories.

“And God said has become light, and light has come”. “God saw that the light was good and separated it from darkness”.

The light for both filmmakers and photographers is the greatest asset of creativity. The light is about us, that the water for the earth. Source of vitality and creativity.



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The magic of photography is to trap the live action, to a sentiment of emotion, imprinted on one image.